Ry Montez



Highly organized and motivated individual with an extensive athletic experience and the will to lead. Excelling in creative thinking and problem-solving. Constantly able to perform in high-stress situations, whether in a team setting or self-directed. An energetic open-minded individual who is constantly exploring new ways to learn and grow creatively. Naturally curious and intrigued by the ever-flowing beauty of organic energy that radiates in and through all things.

Creative Director with 10+ years of experience working with multiple creative lifestyle brands like Hotel Palms, Volcom, RedBull, LULULEMON, STRATA, and more. I am seeking a compelling job where my creative cells are fueled. I am deeply passionate about Bridging the gap between human emotion and brand core values and cultivating ideas from scratch Especially in terms of branding, illustration, lifestyle photography, and Apparel design.

5 years+ Hotel Palms / Art Director
• 2 years at Strata Clothing / Creative Director of Cut Sew Development • 8 Years Merchandise + Apparel Development + Technical Design
• Again Faster / Interim Brand manager / Re-brand + Brand rebuild
• Freelance Photographer + Videographer Volcom Hawaii + Redbull F1 • Brand Development Activation of over 10 plus Brands
• 10+ Years Freelance Creative / @Create.Radical
• Lululemon Ambassador (Jacksonville Fl, 2023)