Zach Farber


- Three years of law enforcement experience in investigating and enforcing Colorado revised statutes to include: persons crimes, property crimes, financial crimes, and fraud. As well as experience in report writing and documentation, courtroom testimony, intuitive decision making, and I/Leads, NCIC/CCIC computer programs. - Involvement with the Colorado gang taskforce, which involved gathering and analyzing intel and data on local organized crime. - P.O.S.T certified firearms instructor: teaching and demonstrating proficiency in gun handling, marksmanship, and mindset. - Two years experience in project management, tracking, planning, and making analytical decisions. - Experience leading and managing staff including setting objectives and daily activities, as well as talent acquisition and training. - Proven ability to lead people and develop relationships quickly. - Five years national and international short-term project management experience leading teams on construction and humanitarian aid trips in Mexico, El Salvador, Colombia, and the U.S. - Experienced communicator with two years of experience presenting to large groups and small groups alike. - Two years experience in developing and clearly communicating action plans including roles and responsibilities, both verbally and written. - Continuing law enforcement education training to include: DOC Lt. Steve Lucero’s Gang Class, 211 Gang intel class, ATF Colorado Motorcycle Gang class, and Courtroom Survival Tactics.