Blaze Silengo


Responsibilities Responsible for & have managed the following areas of procurement for field operations: Carbon steel & Polyethylene Pipe- Surface Operations (I.E. Production Water MGMT) Rotating Equipment: NG & Diesel fired gensets and microturbines Pumps (electric, diesel, & natural gas driven applications) ? Centrifugal, Positive Displacement, Split Case, DAF pumps, etc Compression ? Gas Lift, Gathering, VRU’s Environmental Material Seed, Soil Amendment, Straw Special Orders (WPX Terminology) Miscellaneous material support for production, water mgmt, and compression Managed the following areas of inventory support (Material Transfers, Purchasing, Audit Requests): Automation (6/2011 to 9/2014) Line Pipe & Polyethylene Pipe (3/2012 to 2/2013) Production Equipment & Production Tanks (6/2011 to 3/2013) Accomplishments Increased total spend annually to over $5,000,000.00 in the world of special orders (orders that are not reoccurring and require specific efforts). Documented of $200,000.00 of savings, individually with the efforts of field personnel as well as my own. Leading role- developing a rotating equipment tracking system from scratch that includes front end processes for field personnel, as well as back end data base management.