Ajay Dhawan


Over the last 7 years I have worked with Start-up ventures, mentored their overall Strategies relating to Branding, Supply Chain and building cross functional teams & connecting the business. One of the main challenges was to bring structure to the Supply chain, whereby design gets a direct connect to the Factories for a faster turnaround and move in the direction of bringing affordable and trendy fashion to customers across all available channels of Distribution. I also collaborated extensively with Design & Product development (graphic art) to create/merchandise new products in the area of Sportswear for men’s and women’s targeting the customers for Young and Reckless and Five Four club. As a VP and Mentor at Five Four &Young and recklesss.com, I helped evolve the idea of Five Four Club (Monthly Subscription model) with a view to grow the business and own the customers. In 2014, Five Four added 40k new customers.