Tyler Henderson


Enthusiastic mountain biker/cyclist looking to make a career change to product education or employee training. My passion for the cycling industry is infectious and I am able to make others feel the way I do about bikes and bike riding. As an educator I help customers figure out what they need to know in order to make and informed purchasing decision. When it comes to product education, I have been cycling for over 15 years. From bicycle mechanics to retail, I know the industry and products like the back of my hand. I easily pick up new information because I understand the mechanics and can easily convey information to others. Moreover, I can teach them how to educate their customers on their products and features. My favorite aspect of my career has been training employees and outside marketing and product education events. I thrive connecting to my customers and recognizing when they have that "aha moment" and something that I said to them clicks. Additionally, when they take action on something I have trained them on or thank me for assisting them with an educational component of a purchase. To discuss professional opportunities further, please e-mail me: freefall47@hotmail.com.