Tyler Carron


I'm a recent college graduate who is looking to expand my career. My degree is in Communications, and I also have a minor in Communication Studies. I graduated Cum Laude with a GPA of 3.66. While attending college full time I completed two internships. One as a Social Services assistant where I was responsible for various phone calls and administrative activities. The second internship was at a chiropractic company where I was in charge of helping to market for the company as well as other administrative tasks. I worked three part time jobs in college as well. I was a soccer referee in Orange County where I developed money management,and time management skills. I worked at a coffee and smoothie company where I practiced interpersonal communication skills. The third job where I am working full time right now is a Construction Assistant position. I have learned customer account management, and carpentry skills including tile work, plumbing, and landscaping.