Ignacio Gisbert


As a multi disciplinar designer, Ignacio woks developing projects in Visual Identity / Branding, Retail Design, POSM Design, Advertising, Packaging Design, Web Design and Photography, for a wide variety of industries. In August 2019 he came back from China (Shanghai, Hong Kong and Guangzhou) where he spent 7 years growing skills, learning from such exciting environment, creating and helping both international and local companies.

Hired by companies or freelance, his goal is to push projects beyond expectations, from the very beginning, to the final result, paying attention to every single detail. He enjoys working with different people and teams. "To achieve a goal you need direction. Reckless team would not succeed. I always try my best to deeply study the project, make a plan and use the resources we have on hand, people, skills, time, to make sure we are on the right track and get the green light".

Growing up in a family of architects gave him a certain sense of balance and beauty which helps solving daily challenges and making decisions.