Imran Jaffery


I'm the Marketing Director for HooplaHa - Life with a Smile, a multi-platform digital brand specializing in spreading happiness, positivity and inspiration across an increasingly cynical web. In this role I lead the company's B2C marketing efforts, creating and managing promotional campaigns across both social and traditional media that have driven over 70 million video views, 10 million pageviews and have reached nearly 800 million people on Facebook alone. I have cultivated strategic partnerships with organizations including SoulPancake, Chicken Soup for the Soul, DoSomething and GoodNet that have led to exciting coventures. I've also taken on the role of Project Manager for the company's first mobile app Vidoozi, an innovative tool that let's people easily create short videos that tell a story. Before joining HooplaHa, I worked a wide array of jobs — everything from working various production roles in independent film, being an entertainment journalist and critic, doing tech support for a major telecom, to cutting my teeth at a small PR agency at the dawn of social media marketing — to satiate my ever-present hunger to try something new. I’m passionate about having a positive impact on the world, both personally and professionally, and strive every day to live up to that goal. I like to take on a lot of responsibilities and have the confidence in my ability to see them through. At every stop in my professional journey I have quickly risen to a leadership position. I particularly love leading teams of similarly passionate people to achieve a shared goal, not just by instruction but also through action. I’m a big proponent of leading by example and being in the trenches. There’s nothing more satisfying than sharing a win. I’m always interested in hearing from former colleagues, fellow creative and marketing specialists, new opportunities, or just interesting folk; so feel free to contact me if you’d like to connect.