Tandy  Wang


Milton Glaser once said " There are three responses to a piece of design - yes, no and WOW! WOW is the one to aim for. " I strongly believe in this and I am doing my best all the time to pursue " the one ". I am a passionate designer with education and working experience for over 7 years . As an individual, I am always Creative, Diligent, Genuine and Self-Reliant. I can contribute in a fast-paced environment and enjoy problem solving. It is really a fascinating moment coming up with a sound idea and getting all the work done efficiently. Once working in a team, I am an Easy-Going and Responsive team player with interpersonal skills. I am able to figure out which piece of puzzle I should become and what type of contribution I can make to both the project and the team. Briefly speaking, I am a pure and candid person before an enthusiastic designer, the curiosity of exploring and the desire to change the world motivate me to be a better designer and a better man. The projects I've done range from bath products to furniture; from health care products to outdoor goods; from power tools to sports footwear. I experienced working by myself and also assisting a team; dealing with a 24 - hour challenge and working on partial long term projects as well. At this point, I am designing a digital device set for hearing impaired individuals as the graduation project.