Zach Thomas


My name is Zachary Thomas and I help companies enhance perception, customer sentiment, and interactions by creating unique social media campaigns.

As a newly minted Marketing Program Coordinator I have begun to carve out what I hope to be a long and successful career by aiding companies in their ongoing quest to grow their brands.

Currently, I work as a Program Coordinator for SCORR Marketing. SCORR Marketing is a firm that offers a wide array of services which include, but aren’t limited to brand development, public relations, marketing, and web design. In this role I focus on a multitude of things. These include client consultations, needs analysis, social media reviews, cost estimation, and financial modeling. In addition I also oversee the project from inception to completion. Successes in this role include a number of satisfied clients.

Colleagues and clients know me as an extremely motivated professional who can always be counted on to bring the right mix of ingenuity, passion, and personality to the job. I know that the long term company goals come first and I work very hard to understand what those are. I believe that keeping those goals in mind at all times is paramount to the company’s success. I work well by myself, but I am at my best when I collaborate with others.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in Music, with an emphasis in Business, from The University of the Nebraska at Kearney

My specialties include:

? Social Media
? Music
? Quantitative Data Modeling
? Analysis Review