Ian Ibbetson


I am a seasoned blog builder and internet marketer with more than 7 years of experience in developing websites. My excellent Wordpress and marketing skills, combined with my track record of achieving exceptional results in E-Commerce and brand development, make me a timely candidate for your growing business. I handle all aspects of the online marketing, email marketing, maintenance of the websites, graphics, social media, video and anything else you can think of that is involved in running a business online. I also own and operate Ibbo.co which I use as a hub to build wordpress websites and to promote my web design business. I have been coaching rugby for the past 7 years in southern California and I see a huge potential in the talent that is available. I decided to create YouthRugbyCoach.com as a journal for my coaching experiences and also to give kids the opportunity to play rugby at the next level and also to help coaches get better. I currently coach at USC Womens rugby club.