Tessa Vaughn


· Managed the largest store in the company consisting of 15-25 employees; full-time and part-time · Achieved a goal of 2.2 million dollars in sales yearly by merchandising, staffing, and advertising ·Obtained record high on Loss Prevention Audit by training employees proper procedures · Oversaw personnel scheduling, hiring, and firing · Increased Key Performance Indicators such as sales, marketing, and customer service by working closely with employees, customers, and corporate ·Managed a team of 9-13 employees; full-time and part-time ·Increased sales by 25% in two years to 1.6 million dollars ·Achieved a lower percentage in shrink from 1.78 to .3 by offering exceptional customer service; beat company goal of .7 ·Obtained record high on Loss Prevention Audit by continually auditing registers and register paperwork ·Acquired award for Autism Awareness Fundraiser by collecting the most donations out of the company ·Attained 25th/240 in the company for sales, customer service, and marketing