Erica Stark


Born and raised in southern California sparked an early passion for the outdoors and sports. I started as a competitive gymnast and progressed to cheerleading, skateboarding, surfing, and eventually found my way to the mountains. Snowboarding became more than hobby and led me to North Lake Tahoe, where I spent four years snowboarding as much as I possibly could. I've chased winter to Australia for a season and been through the best summers of skating and hiking in Tahoe. Living in Tahoe inspired me to write and take photos which led to starting a blog with my best friend. ( ) After an epic time in Tahoe I caught the travel bug and decided to RV around the US for a few months, sharing my experience on the Tahoe blog ( Today I reside in the PNW area and aspire to a career in the action sports industry with an emphasis on snowboarding and skating.