Ian Westman


To Whom It May Concern:

My experience as an established Yacht Captain has allowed me to learn and develop the necessary skills related to the technical, managerial, operational, financial and maintenance facets of a high value asset.

I believe that my maritime experience and skillset can translate into a shore-based role where I can transfer my knowledge, skills and competency into a role that will provide new challenges and experiences.

My career goal is to continue evolving my knowledge, skills and experience through exposure to new industries and emerging technologies that are defining our future and the world around us.

Being a surfer and every facet of what it entails and the rewards it has given to me is ingrained in every inch of my body and mind. The last 40 years as a surfer have taken me all over the world to places obvious and some of them not as much in the search for waves and new experiences.

The opportunities that I have had from being able to travel the world and experience so many incredible adventures have been the foundation of my life.

As much as surfing is in my blood, I have also had the ability and opportunity to try many different watersports through my life. More recently, windsurfing, kiting and foiling have gotten me excited about new ways to experience the ocean.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you require any further information and I do hope there may be some option to work together in the future.

Kind regards,