Tyler Blumenschine


I'm Tyler, a graphic designer originally from Princeton New Jersey. I am currently based in Denver as I travel the country looking for the right job in the action sports/lifestyle industry.
I have skateboarded for 15 years, and lived in Los Angeles for 2 years pursuing my dream of becoming a professional skater. Unfortunately, after 2 knee surgeries and a broken ankle, my board spends most of its time leaned on my wall, as I spend the majority of my time using the dedication and and determination I learned from my intense passion as a skateboarder.
Since graphics play such a major role in the action sports and lifestyle industries, design is my way to stay involved with the brands I know and love. I have worked at 3 skate shops the first when I was 14. Most recently I worked at Vertical urge in North Carolina as a retail associate, skate instructor and Nike SB brand ambassador as part of the "Support Your Local" program. I am honest, hard working and consider design not only a way to make ends meet but an exercise, an opportunity to learn, grow, and continuously strive to reach my full potential both personally and professionally. Thank you for taking the time to peruse my profile, resume and portfolio. I hope to be in touch soon.
Have a wonderful day,
Tyler Blumenschine