Zack Santagate


I’m a Cinematographer + Director based in Atlanta + Dallas. I primarily work on commercials, branded short films and branded content, but I also shoot docu-series and narrative work. Over the past five years I’ve worked as a DP, Director, and Colorist with American Airlines, FritoLay, Nissan, Texas Rangers, StateFarm, GameStop, YellowTail, AT&T, LeVel, CarMax, Charles Schwab, and more. I’ve shoot in a wide variety of environments, such as big studios with complex lighting set-ups, to filming on-location in Iceland, to filming 100 feet deep in the ocean with sharks. I’m also FAA Part 107 drone certified. I love telling amazing stories thru moving images, and like to demystify cinematography by lighting in a naturalistic and filmic way. Every detail of the stories I tell is reflected in the lighting, composition, and lens choice that all drives towards telling the story.