BootieLeash, Inc.


The BootieLeash is the world's first wetsuit leg to wetsuit bootie securing device which keeps the wetsuit leg cuff locked down and in place over the bootie calf by connecting the wetsuit leg top the wetsuit bootie heel noose. The BootieLeash prevents the wetsuit leg from sliding up the bootie calf during the frequent bending, twisting, flexing and kicking of the wetsuit knee. It also stops water from being blown up into the wetsuit leg during surfing wipeouts or high speed water sport activities such as kite surfing, wind surfing, and wake boarding. The BootieLeash is exceptionally beneficial for taller wetsuit wearers or wetsuit users with thinner ankles and extends wetsuit life when elasticity wear occurs at the wetsuit leg cuff.

The BootieLeash can also be used by people wearing reef or water walker booties or shoes to prevent their loss in the surf, breaking waves or in river rapids. More information on the BootieLeash can be found at and BootieLeash can be followed on Instagram and Twitter @bootieleash. The name BootieLeash is a registered Trademark with the United States Trademark and Patent Office (USTPO) and has a full non-provisional Utility Patent pending with the USTPO.