Brandon Lasko


Brandon Lasko has a long history of dedication and hard work that has been shown through rising up through the ranks in any position that he has been put in.

Whether it was working his way into being a sponsored skateboarder for notable companies such as Real Skateboards, Spitfire Wheels, Thunder Trucks, Lakai Limited Footwear and Pro-Tec Helmets among others, or in the professional world.

In starting his working career, he began as a simple camp counselor where he soon transitioned into coordinating a 10+ staff and 40+ biweekly rotating camper program that he ran for some time. As he transitioned from life in the Bay Area into one in San Diego, he quickly grew from a cashier into a Full-Time manager at one of the biggest local Groceries in the North County area, not only managing a direct staff of 15 people but at times the 100+ staff of the whole store to maintain perfect service for the customers.

Brandon has sought to maintain his skateboarding career, in addition to working near full time and finishing a Bachelor's Degree from the University of California San Diego, with plans to pursue an Online Master's program.

Brandon is a father of a 1 year old daughter, lifelong accomplished skateboarder, scholar, and photographer.