Travis Pate


Concepting and executing creative visions and campaigns are among my favorite tasks in this field and was my core focus at many of my previous companies. With 13+ years of experience working with high-end retail and luxury CPG brands in all sorts of creative, managerial and production capacities, I can fluently bring a concept to design to application and implementation, for projects and with teams of all sizes.

With a dedicated and hard-core entrepreneurial-like work ethic, I am passionate about my projects with no job being too big or too small. I want to do stellar work in the field I inherently love for a company I respect and connect with. I want to be at my best, working with a tight-knit team of driven, creative and fun individuals that do great work and get things done. I want to create value through outstanding, strategic and innovative concepts. I want to delight stakeholders, inspire co-workers and stoke growth while aesthetically elevating the consumer landscape.

It is important to have positive working relationships that foster unfiltered dialogue throughout the creative process that results in a final product that people connect with. To help achieve and support this conductive dynamic, I strive to help others in any way I can - inspiring and motivating co-workers through upstanding concepts, communication and attitude.