Tyler Richter


My name is Tyler Richter and I have been working in the Surf Retail industry for about five and a half years. I got my start working at the Album Surfboards factory in Oceanside as an Intern, from there I worked at Surfride for about three years. I stepped away from Surfride for a short period to work at Rusty Board House in La Jolla in order to gain more work experience. I found myself back at Surfride for another two and a half years before leaving again to work for a local startup company here in Encinitas that specializes in all-natural men’s grooming essentials. I was brought on to help manage their retail space in Encinitas, where we sell Album Surfboards, as well as a few surf accessory brands.
I am hoping to expand my experience in the Surf Retail industry by becoming a rep for a company.
When I am not working, you can find me in the ocean surfing, or rock climbing at local outdoor spots, as well as in local climbing gyms!