Travis Parker


I'm from Houston, Texas and I moved to Whitefish, Montana as a teenager and worked at my uncle's ski shop called Snowfrog. I was a certified Tyrolia Ski technician at age 14. I loved snowboarding so much that I quit college to work at Taco Johns while surfing my friend's dorm rooms at Colorado College in Colorado Springs and bummed rides to Vail on the weekends. The K2 days started and my career as a professional snowboarder in 1996 was conceived. I traveled the world as a professional Snowboarder until 2010. I partnered with Robotfood, a film company and Airblaster, a clothing company. My professional snowboard career was the highlight of my life. I loved every second of it and I'm so thankful for it beyond fake Pluto. After the glory days I went back to college to study Art and started working as a Valet Driver and snowboard instructor at Heavenly. Then I studied at a trade School to be a Wind Turbine Technician and got a job in New Orleans at Blade Dynamics in the NASA Michoud Facility. I moved to Limon, Colorado to work on constructing foundations for GE megawatt wind turbine towers. After that ended, I moved to Austin, Texas and worked retail at St. Bernard Sports selling snowboard and ski hard goods and soft goods. Then I moved to Anchorage, Alaska and worked at Midnight Sun Brewing Company for two years. I washed everything and manned their small store. I greeted all the customers. It was awesome. I moved back to the lower 48, started Safe Work, LLC (Handyman Company) and I have a couple of part time jobs at Eco Maids cleaning offices and People Ready doing day labor.