Abby Hoffer, PharmD


Passionate about consumer behavior, storytelling, and design. Curious about the universe, how people and things work, and what makes them tick. Obsessed with getting out of the data cloud and understanding our audiences, not as patients or consumers, but as people.

My goal is to apply my analytical skills, passion to create, and team-oriented mindset to all that I do. Since graduating from the University of the Sciences with my Doctorate in Pharmacy, I’ve held internships and worked at several advertising agencies to develop my skills in strategy, analysis, consumer experience, and design. Currently working at Evoke, learning every day.

I love meeting other consumer insight/strategy/planning professionals. Reach out to me at if you'd like to chat about healthcare, advertising, or hiking.

• Pharmaceutical Experience: Insomnia, Gout, Depression, Diabetes, Infectious Disease, Fertility
• Consumer Experience: Cosmetic/Weight Loss, Restaurant/Hospitality