Tyler Lawrence


Ten years ago I started a podcast that helped me understand my passion for digital marketing.

Back then I was a sophomore in college at Cal State Fullerton, University seeking my Bachelor's degree. I was an avid fan of Mixed Martial Arts and followed the sport closely.

It wasn't until my senior year that I got my break. I moved on from podcasting to creating videos. A couple of my videos had gone viral and I used the money from the ads to pay for my final year of college.

My passion helped me turn the podcast into a website and a website into a revenue stream.

That's when I was picked up by TRAFFIK, a local advertising agency in Irvine with some of the best talent in town. I was immediately challenged with coming up with social media marketing campaigns for clients in highly-regulated industries.

Going from extreme-sports content marketing to healthcare social media marketing was a big challenge. Having to work with compliance helped me grow professionally and prepare me for my current role at Pacific Life.

Since joining the whale company, I've helped manage social media programs, build innovative websites, and train financial professionals on the benefits of social selling.

I am still an avid MMA fan.