Zachary Gehling


Short Film Director/Editor/Producer-Stage Manager-Assistant Stage Manager-Web Based Video Media Content Producer-Props Artist Graduating college in three years with a BA in Theatre Arts, I have immediately gone on to pursue one of my dream positions and am currently working for Disney. In college, I spent three years stage managing various theatrical productions. During that time I also worked for Northern Colorado Athletics as a Video Editor and Production Assistant, gaining experience and further developing my camera and editing skills. My love for creating and editing short films began at an early age blossoming into a passion that has lead me to pursue it as a professional career and has lead to opportunities in professional editing. My achievements include several awards for Best Short Film in directing as well as stage management awards for various shows. I am knowledgeable and confident in the use of both Microsoft Office Suite and the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, as both were required tools in the completion of my degree and professional jobs. I believe in giving your all to every project and every job. It is with ambition and dedication that a project can truly flourish and become something to cherish and be proud of!