Tyson Blades


After I graduated with a BA in Classics, I gravitated towards graphic design, which I had been doing on a freelance basis since high school. My father and uncle, both Brooks-educated photographers and avid cyclists, shaped my affinity for photography and cycling.

Throughout my career in graphic design and marketing, I have helped to build brands and marketing strategies. I learned how to advertise across multiple channels. I became a power user in many different types of design software, concentrating now on Adobe Creative Cloud. I am an expert in the printing processes of many different types of media.

Over the past 10 years, I also honed my skills as a photographer and videographer. I shot various events and promotional videos during my time at my past jobs. I also became proficient at video and audio production as a result.

Specialties include: graphic design, photography, videography, marketing, brand management and media buying.