Tyler LaCagnina


Thank you for taking a gander at my profile. My professional history started back when I was fresh out of High School. I started as a File Clerk in a law office. I stayed in the legal field from the age of 19 to 27. When I left I was the Supervising Lead of my department. Responsible for hundreds of court cases. I enjoyed starting from an entry level and working my way up the ladder. When I left the legal world was when I left California.

When I relocated to Hawaii I took my life in a different direction. I started work in the Hospitality world. I loved it. Being out of an office and in front of people was liberating. The change came easy for me as I love to help people. Seeing them through their trip on the island and helping them make life long memories(I know, sounds cheesy). What I learned most importantly in my time in Hawaii was to follow what you love. When I left the Hospitality world was when I left Hawaii.

Now back in California I have a healthy amount of professional experience behind me. Instead of continue on with one of my past professions I have decided to take following what I love to a new world. Vintage instruments. The opportunity came to me to manage two stores. If you had asked me years back if i thought I would be in what is essentially a retail space.... You would have got the answer "No". I don't think of it that way either. The way I see it is more brokering. Yes, I oversee the day to day tasks of running a store. The real meat of the job is connecting people of all walks to the instrument(s) they desire. My clients range from the casual player/collector to high profile celebrity. Did I mention I also have been able to take my photography more seriously now? I take general product photos and lifestyle studio quality photos for the business.

Now on to the next step. I will always pull from my past professions to provide the best experience for all. I am seeking to further my photography. I feel a have a good eye for it and rather decent working knowledge of a camera. As with all of my past gigs I am prepared to start at the bottom and work my way up. Naturally wouldn't it be great to land higher profile work. However, I do live in the real world and I am willing to work my way up.

Time is valuable and I appreciate you having taken some time on me!

Thank you!