Tory Borovay


My work explores the relationships between identity and caricature. Seth MacFarlane, the creator of Family Guy and American Dad, heavily influenced my style of artwork. As an artist, I work conscientiously to strive for perfection. First, I gain knowledge about what I am creating, secondly, I sketch out many different ideas for my concept; thirdly, I think about color, hues, gradients, contrasting, and saturations; color sets a specific mood in my opinion. Then, I would stylize my art digitally using either Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign. I have to decide if I want to add in any new designs, text, warping, rasterizing, and or, masking images to compliment my layout. Lastly, I ensure I have communicated my design properly to what I was assigned. Almost entirely of my art pieces are expressive in the way I feel, act, or see the world. Ever since I was a child, I knew I adored art; but it all started my sophomore year in high school. Not only that year did I start to see the world more artistically, but I also found myself working by hand and digitally more than I had ever before. One of the most important reasons I never gave up, even in the toughest times, was because of my many years of teaching Hebrew for grades 1-6th. My students would constantly ask me to draw them a specific picture of what they wanted. When they received their drawing, my students would get exhilarated and beyond happy. I love to see my artwork bring joy and excitement to other’s faces. Art taught me that I am a creative, dedicated, and motivated person who is also not afraid to start over. I became captivated by the world of graphic arts; what started as just an extracurricular activity, quickly became my passion into a world of patience, curiosity, and, self-expression.