Will  Roach


Seeking for engineering career opportunities at this moment...

Below shows what I'm capable of and all the skillset benefits I can offer to your company:

ENGINEERING AND INNOVATION CATALYST: I'm a motivated, dedicated, fast-learner, problem solver, and innovator with proven skills in the multiple engineering areas; Automation (robotics), Build Integration, Design (SolidWorks and Catia), Process, Project Management, Manufacturing Engineering, Fabrication, Composite Manufacturing, Safety, Tooling and more. I'm familiar with multiple processes involving in a product lifecycle with sustainability in mind which I always put a strong emphasis on. Currently holding a published patent for aircraft interior magnetic curtain concept and application.

LEADER AND SERVANT: I've led various project teams including a team of three early-career engineers through the concept development, requirements, prototyping and testing validation of a first-time feature aircraft product. I always value the engagement and communication with cross-function teams including shop and quality inspectors to support lean build process as well as to come up with ideas before transforming them to improvements and solutions for design and build. I'm currently serving a non-profit organization as the president since 2015.

DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION: With my diverse background and advocacy of diversity and inclusion, I’ve been supporting and involved in several diversity business resource groups, assisted management with understanding individual and culture differences, as well as developed and implemented cost-saving projects to make changes internal to the company to achieve diversity and inclusion goals.

Encl. attached resume for your consideration on a detailed overview of my career experience and skills that contribute your company greatly.