Kevin Forde


My post-college experience was in the publication and printing side of the graphic design industry. After 7 years of honing my skills in Canada, I was offered an opportunity in Southern California with a small company named Twin Tiger USA. In this position my role as a leader was utilized in diverse ways. I constantly had to learn and implement specific communication and delegation strategies. Whether I was tasked to organize and photograph a 12 person weekend photoshoot in Big Bear. Or, work with a team to develop a brand from idea to a finished concept. Developing different products was a large portion of my responsibilities, therefore being efficient, working independently and with a team was a must. From years of layout and web design, I have a strong sense of what works visually and responsively on all digital platforms. Also, with my years of sales, I can effectively communicate a message to team members or stakeholders in a clear and succinct manner. Not only do I have a sharp-eye, but I am highly efficient at beginning and finishing tasks.