Abdul  Qadir


• Being a leader is a big role full of big responsibilities, so I try to be the best example
to my team and that’s by sharing all product knowledge I know to increase their knowledge, experiences and to improve their skills.
• Supporting all my team members and that’s by appreciating their achievements and teaching them how to decrease their negativities, I am also responsible for maximizing sales at every available opportunity while ensuring that customers receive the highest level of service.
• Handling all my daily section tasks from following up on delivery orders, ensuring that the section is fully merchandised according to section layout, following up with my team about their implementation day by day to achieve our target smoothly.
• Ensuring a high degree of security on goods and assisting in stock control through checking and counting goods.
• Following up with our product team regarding the new products and stock availability for the fast-moving items.
• Handling all the customer's complaints regarding the products or the services they got.