Caitlin M Denhalter


Hello! Thanks for taking the time to review my resume. I love for utilizing visual communication to tell brand stories, connect with audiences and solve problems. I am creative, driven, and open-minded. In a world where trends are constantly evolving, I've learned to adapt quickly. I have developed a unique set of skills that blends together an eye for design and strategic thinking. My work experience has lead me to a place in my career where I feel confident in my ability to lead from a place that understands both the marketing and design efforts needed to support the success of a project or campaign. Outdoor recreation is a big part of my life and college summers were spent in Jackson, WY working for a rafting company. Since then, a job in the outdoor industry has always been a dream! I love working with others, am very organized and highly motivated. Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to work with many different types of brands and projects, but always enjoy work most, when it intersects with my love of the outdoors. I am also a wife, and mom to two young girls. We recently added a puppy named Birdie to the crew as well! Our family loves spending as much time outside as we can camping, rafting, hiking, and biking. I recently started mountain biking and am excited to push myself out of my comfort zone!